Mark Stewart, Candidate for Chandler Arizona City Council

Hello, and thank you for taking an active interest in Chandler’s future and ensuring the best people are elected for Chandler City Council.

I am Mark Stewart, a father, a husband, a small business owner, and a proud resident of Chandler for over 15 years. My wife Allison and I moved to Chandler 15 years ago, and we have watched our city grow into an amazing community with strong values, and a commitment to excellence.

I have spent my life focused on my family, spiritual and business growth. As a result, I have not spent years building a network of allies to support a political career. I am not a seasoned politician, and I have not been hand picked for this run. I was asked to run by friends.

Quite simply, I am called to serve. I am someone who believes our city needs statesmen acting on behalf of citizens, not more politicians serving their own self interest. I am committed to creating success for Chandler, and many new opportunities in our community.

Professionally, I earned my Bachelors of Science Degree in Communications at Missouri State University. I have spent twenty years building my career. I took successive roles with increasing responsibility, building brands, and developing business with Fortune 50 organizations like Energizer and Shell Lubricants. About five years ago my entrepreneurial spirit took over, and I found my calling. My business, Concept 2 Completion, helps inventors and small businesses with start-up strategies and branding in the consumer goods industry. My professional success is based on integrity, tenacity, and believing in a customer-first approach. These are qualities I will bring in service to our city. Chandler will benefit from my entrepreneurial free-market approach to development and growth. Enhancing our vibrant business community, and attracting new companies to Chandler will bring many great opportunities for our city and its residents.

Our City also needs a true public servant who puts the needs of Chandler residents first.

I am that public servant. I am that voice.


Personally, I have been married to my college sweetheart, Allison, for 19 years. We have two children, ages 14 and 15, that attend Chandler public schools. We moved to Chandler from the Midwest 15 years ago. Our intention was to stay two or three years, before moving back to the Midwest. It wasn’t long before we fell in love with Chandler, and couldn’t imagine calling somewhere else home. I volunteer as a youth sports coach MARK-STEWART-4 (1)and support local charities like ICAN. Our family attends Central Christian Church.

Politically, I am a firm believer in the rights of the individual as outlined in both the constitution. I never imagined myself as a politician, but I recognize that “politics as usual” is not helping our national community. Few politicians are driven to serve. I know that to affect change I needed to be involved in the process.

As your councilman, I pledge to ask on every appropriate occasion:
Is there a way this can be solved with less government?
I will use my business acumen and belief in the overriding principles of the Constitution to serve the city of Chandler.

Many people want to “BE” a councilman, but few want to “DO” the work.

I humbly ask for your support. I will “DO” the work to ensure the continued growth and success for Chandler.

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