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Creating Opportunity Through Innovation

As a father, business owner, and longtime Chandler resident, I am committed to making our city a wonderful place to live, work and raise your family. I know how innovation drives growth and quality of life for all of us. Join me in making Chandler a truly world class city.

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Mark Stewart Campaign Platform

Servant Leadership

I love The Constitution, and believe that from that document, people derive the power to govern themselves.

Everyday citizens must be seated on our Chandler City Council, and throughout government. We are responsible for voting for what is right for ourselves. Diversity of opinion must pervade government discourse, and that is paramount at the local level.

I always ask, “can we find a solution with less government?”

Development, Stability and Growth

Chandler citizens and families appreciate the community and stability that comes with a thriving business and retail community.

  • I can be trusted to consider, and discuss policy with real knowledge, and experience. I have been a leader in Fortune 50 companies and now own a local small business.
  • Live, Work and Play close to home. Chandler is very close to being the perfect place for those three things to intersect, and we can make it better.
  • My business development background will help retain our locally owned business and promote even more local entrepreneurship.
  • Breaking down regulations and accelerating growth
  • Investing in marketing our city – Great employers with strong track records of positive community support can be attracted to the Price Corridor. I have the background to represent our city in courting these companies.
  • Take an active role in assisting start-ups and driving a culture of innovation.
  • More access to team sports like soccer, baseball and neighborhood clubs.
  • Investment in our parks, and creating cooperatives to keep our youth activity programs growing and to keep them in Chandler

Lean, Effective Service for Chandler

  • “How can we do this with less government?” will always be my first question.
  • A Council member is elected to represent the community and to ask the tough questions like how can we accomplish the same goal with less government.
  • I am committed to following the law. I will challenge ordinances that conflict with our state or federal Constitutions.
  • The purpose of government is to serve the governed with their consent. Our aim as elected officials is to make wise decisions for the community.
  • I am a strong believer that governance starts at the lowest level, and moves up only as needed. From the individual and family, to HOAs, the city, the county, the state, and lastly the federal government.
  • I will inform residents through social media, and the press and be sure Chandler citizens are represented.
  • I will fight to lower taxes and ensure non-essential public works are undertaken only with sound, well thought out objectives in mind. I will fight for the same fiscal responsibility as I would show in my own finances.
  • We will maintain our focus on making our community the best place to live in Arizona

Public Safety

  • Fight for a Safe Community to raise our families
  • Support Fire and Police and ensure they are well equipped and trained to serve
  • Encourage open dialogue to create efficiency