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Creating Opportunity Through Innovation

As a father, business owner, and longtime Chandler resident, I am committed to making our city a wonderful place to live, work and raise your family. I know how innovation drives growth and quality of life for all of us. Join me in making Chandler a truly world class city.

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Click here to endorse Mark Stewart for Chandler City Council.

2020 Mark Stewart Endorsements

Public Figures and Organizations:

  • Kevin Harke – Current Chandler Mayor
  • Jesus “Rene” Lopez — Current Chandler Vice-Mayor.
  • Terry Roe — Current Chandler City Councilmember
  • Matt Orlando — Chandler City Councilmember
  • Boyd Dunn – Former Chandler Mayor (2002-2011)
  • Trey Basha — President of Bashas’
  • Patti Bruno – Former Chandler City Councilmember
  • Donna Wallace — Former Councilmember
  • Chandler Chamber of Commerce 
  • WeServ Association of Realtors – Champion of Realtors
  • Free Enterprise Club – Free Markets Champion
  • Home Builders Association Of Central Arizona


2016 Mark Stewart Endorsements

Public Figures and Organizations:

  • Chandler Chamber of Commerce
  • Chandler Firefighters
  • Chandler Law Enforcement Association
  • Chandler Lieutenant and Sargent Association
  • Martin Sepulveda — Entrepreneur and Former Chandler Councilmember
  • Donna Wallace — Former Councilmember
  • Trey Basha — President of Bashas’
  • Jerry BrooksFormer Chandler Mayor
  • Home Builders Association Of Central Arizona
  • Jared Taylor — Gilbert Town Council, fiscal conservative
  • John “JR” Repar — Chandler Chamber of Commerce Public Policy Chair
  • Aaron Harris Sr. — Chandler Police “use of force” board and Former Chandler City Council Candidate
  • Seth Graham — Former Chandler City Council Candidate
  • Terry Roe — Current Chandler City Councilmember

Extraordinary Citizens:

He is a great friend, dad, husband, coach, and is passionate about the issues that matter. Please join us in supporting him working hard for this great community of Chandler.

The Dodson Family

Mark, I can’t think of a better candidate! Let us know what we can do to help you on this journey!

Lori Williams Miller

Thank you Mark for stepping up to take on the challenge of politics and I look forward to helping you get elected.

Sandi Bartlett

I highly recommend Mark Stewart. I’ve known him for the past 7 years and I don’t know anyone else who would better fit this opportunity then him. He isn’t afraid to speak his mind on things he feels is right and makes it his duty to be there for others. He has a beautiful family and they are a huge supporter of this choice he is making by taking on this opportunity. With that said support Mark Stewart , he is the right choice.

Douglas Maldonado

I have known Mark for over 10 years and I can’t think of a better person to tackle the challenges of politics than Mark. He is honest and has integrity, something missing in today’s political arena. I coached little league with Mark, and he always kept a calm demeanor even if I could not. I wish him the best of luck as he embarks on this new endeavor, and the City of Chandler should be grateful that Mark has chosen to serve the good people of Chandler. Godspeed my friend!

James S. Harper

Mark Stewart will be an excellent Chandler City Council member. I have personally known Mark for over 30 years and I am confident that he possesses the qualities necessary to help lead Chandler’s initiatives. Mark respects different views and has the highest level of integrity and compassion to do what is good and right. I can attest that Mark is truly an ambassador for the City of Chandler.

Michael Schoppet

I had the pleasure of coaching a club baseball team with Mark Stewart 3 years ago. After meeting him and his family I realized what a true leader he was. He was amazing with the kids and communicated with the Parents everyday. Mark is a true asset to our Chandler community and we would all benefit when he is elected.

Bradford Caviar – Businessman

It is my privilege to endorse Chandler City Councilman Candidate Mark Stewart. Mark and I have been friends for the past four years. His strong work ethic, high morals and un-wavering integrity are just a few of Mark’s qualities that would make him an outstanding leader in our community. Mark takes pride in doing what’s right and what is best. His servant’s heart, service before self attitude, along with his natural ability as a leader, makes Mark Stewart our number one candidate for Chandler City Council. It’s our responsibility to do what’s best for our community and that would be to elect Mark Stewart!

Kelly Emerich

I have known Mark for 14 years and I am a citizen of Chandler for the last 22 years. He is an honest and caring family man and friend who I am confident will do what is right for my neighbors and the City of Chandler.

Chris Cohn

I’ve known Mark for three years. What can I say but “Great Guy!” Family man, entrepreneur, businessman, involved in the community, and most importantly, a man of integrity. The kind of man Chandler needs.

John Snow

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Mark for several years due to a common interest — sons playing soccer! I think Mark is an excellent choice for Chandler City Council and I strongly support his candidacy. Mark is an honest, kind, and thoughtful person, who displays the highest integrity in his interactions with others. We have discussed politics many times, and though we don’t always agree, Mark is always careful to listen and consider all viewpoints, and then make what he thinks is the best decision, regardless of political party ideology. If you want an intelligent, independent member of the City Council who will try to make the best decisions for all of the community, then I encourage you to support and vote for Mark Stewart. And tell your friends too!

Nick Rizzo

The city has space and talent to accommodate the shift towards being the place to be for industries such as tech and innovation. Landowners in correlation with city planners and developers need to design and deploy attractive space that facilitates budget conscious startups, incubators, Fortune 500 net branches including private Angel and venture capitalist. The backbone in today’s thriving city’s across the US is a place to call home and something within reach such as modern workspace will attract the building blocks previously mentioned. It’s time to implement a strategy and make a strong push to achieve this objective for the city of Chandler.

Jeremy Waters

As a resident of Chandler for the past 15+ years, I could not be more excited about Mark Stewart’s choice to run for Chandler City Council. I have known the Stewart’s for several years and have seen first hand how involved Mark is in the community and how much he truly cares about Chandler. I can say without a doubt that Mark will listen to the residents of Chandler, represent our interests to the best of his ability, and strive to continue to make Chandler a great city to live and raise our families.

Beth Barrett

It was nice to meet you today, thank you for caring about the people & families of Chandler!

Stephanie Diaz

Keep it up the mark you have my vote

Brian Alben

My family has lived in Chandler for 70 years. They came from Iowa. I was born and raised here. Thus it is important to me. My father has seen it grow from 4,000 people to over 250,000. I guess you could say we’re some of the old townspeople of this city. You’re video on your website and the information you provided helped me in selecting you to vote for. Please if elected take care of this town of mine.

Sherriann Holtey